About the Ragdoll Breed

Ragdolls are very gentle, calm, and sociable cats that love to play and cuddle. They are well behaved, good with children, and great with meeting new people. Almost as friendly as dogs, but easier to take care of, and they get along great with dogs too! They’re smart like us and will quickly learn about you and your routine.

They have long, fluffy, soft hair that requires some grooming to look its best. As you might’ve noticed, most of their eyes are a beautiful sparkling blue or aqua colour.
Ragdolls can come in different sizes and colours! Typically, when they’re still babies, they’re about 2 lbs. and can fit in your hand. As they grow up, males can weigh from 12-20 pounds and females will range around a little less than that.

Their fur colours can range from Seal Point Bicolor, Blue Point Bicolor, Chocolate Point, and Lilac Point. Seal points can have a dark or light brown body, with dark brown points. Blue points have a cream or very light brown body, with dark bluish-grey points. Chocolate points have a cream or light brown body with dark brown points. Lilac points have a cream white body with dark bluish-grey points.

Ragdolls come in three patterns, color point, mitted, and bi-color. Color points have the darkest coloring on their face, ears, tail, and legs with a creamy-white body. Mitted ragdolls have the same colors as the color points but with white back legs, paws, chin and chest. Bi-color ragdolls have a white triangle on the face with white chest and legs. They also sometimes have white spots on the rest of the body, except the face, ears, legs and tail.

From Us to You

We raise the kittens with love from when they’re first born until they get to you. They have their own nursery home with lots of family and friends around. Spoiled with lots of space in their playroom with toys, cat trees, and even a cat door to go outside to their safe and secured outdoor yard.

All the kittens have their own experienced vet who monitors their health and takes care of their vaccines, deworming, and check-ups.

We treat the kittens like our kids, and we hope you will too!